Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thirty one fundraiser

We are in the midst of having an adoption fundraiser with thirty one. Mary Payne is giving us 31% of our sales! Oh, how I love bags... Don't you! the big deal is when you spend $35 you can get a large utility tote for $10 or an awesome insert for $15. I have sooooo many large utility totes because they are amazing!!! I use one in my car, one at school, one to organize Grayson's clothes, one to organize crafting supplies... I may have a few! Please help us if you can!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Paperwork, fundraisers, prayer

yep! To sum up where we are... Paperwork, fundraisers, prayer.  We are finishing up some paperwork.  Oh, I loathe it when I don't have the time brain power/energy to finish it. There are some questions we are praying over because honestly they are going to be hard to answer. We will talk through that later after God tells us what we need to say. We don't want to seek advice from everyone that will just confuse us. A line from friends states how we are feeling perfectly, "we are easily confused!".

FUNDRAISING! On average infant adoptions can cost from $30,000 to $50,000. It all depends. So our goal as of right now is raising $15,000.  We are working on a variety of fundraisers to help us adopt. We looked  at what other adoptive families have done to raise their funds and are planning accordingly. Just this week I watched a family raise about $15,000 in 48 hours! They were matched quickly and had to pay the funds before getting their baby. God will see us through, we know that, but we are wanting to jump start our fundraising before we become "active". Once active we can match at any time and will need the money when the baby is born.
This month we have a 31 fundraiser coming up! Next month jamberry! We have a go fund me account for people who want to give a donation. We are blessed beyond belief!
Thank you for your prayers!!!!