Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thirty one fundraiser

We are in the midst of having an adoption fundraiser with thirty one. Mary Payne is giving us 31% of our sales! Oh, how I love bags... Don't you! the big deal is when you spend $35 you can get a large utility tote for $10 or an awesome insert for $15. I have sooooo many large utility totes because they are amazing!!! I use one in my car, one at school, one to organize Grayson's clothes, one to organize crafting supplies... I may have a few! Please help us if you can!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Paperwork, fundraisers, prayer

yep! To sum up where we are... Paperwork, fundraisers, prayer.  We are finishing up some paperwork.  Oh, I loathe it when I don't have the time brain power/energy to finish it. There are some questions we are praying over because honestly they are going to be hard to answer. We will talk through that later after God tells us what we need to say. We don't want to seek advice from everyone that will just confuse us. A line from friends states how we are feeling perfectly, "we are easily confused!".

FUNDRAISING! On average infant adoptions can cost from $30,000 to $50,000. It all depends. So our goal as of right now is raising $15,000.  We are working on a variety of fundraisers to help us adopt. We looked  at what other adoptive families have done to raise their funds and are planning accordingly. Just this week I watched a family raise about $15,000 in 48 hours! They were matched quickly and had to pay the funds before getting their baby. God will see us through, we know that, but we are wanting to jump start our fundraising before we become "active". Once active we can match at any time and will need the money when the baby is born.
This month we have a 31 fundraiser coming up! Next month jamberry! We have a go fund me account for people who want to give a donation. We are blessed beyond belief!
Thank you for your prayers!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

our story

Things in life are not cut and dry. We can't plan it all out. It is not all pretty to look at. We don't have all the answers. It is not a flower garden full of butterflies. It is messy, scary, confusing, difficult... But with God it is better, because he is strong when we are weak. We are not here to get attention, but to bring awareness. After a couple of months I have noticed a wide variety of beautiful support and also satan using people to bring us down. Well, after prayer and reflection I have come to the conclusion to not take things personal, because people will disappoint us, God never said it would be easy. This will be one of the hardest things we do... We are putting our pride aside, being transparent, asking for help, sharing our messy, beautiful story with people in our life. We have asked God to be in control, we don't want it... With this comes us being humble and open to His direction alone.
Asking for donations is not easy for us. We wish we had this amount of money saved up, we wish we could write a check with no worries, but we can't. So, if we are asking for help it is because we need it. We are asking you for a reason... If you can't help financially we get it. Prayers are more beneficial! If you can think of a way to help let us know! One way we are sacrificing is tv, we cut off our satellite, we have cut down our spending, we are paying things off.
We do need help... Financially and through prayers.
We have a go find me account where you can donate any amount
We have several ladies with pampered chef, jam berry, 31 going to have parties and give the proceeds to baby e #2. Shop for gifts or yourself!
We are going to have an auction on Instagram or Facebook late spring. Donate items or find something to donate.
Pray about what you can do... And do what God calls you to do.

Paperwork... We have to answer very difficult questions. From drug/alcohol usage, gender, race, etc we want to say no preference on gender or race.
For the financial piece to come together
Our son to be prepared as much as possible
Scott and I have never had a newborn, parenting an infant
Our baby to be safe growing in the belly of his/her birth mom. The birth mom to have peace, to be healthy, loved.
For our house to sell! This will help tremendously for a ton of reasons. We have found the house we want... Just praying ours sells quickly!

Thank you for your encouraging words, your prayers, your hugs, your love, your kindness, your support, but above all you wanting to be apart of bringing baby e#2 home.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I can only say thank you in so many ways. Our family is truly blessed by all the support, love, and prayers. A huge blessing came from Msartypants aka Anessa, she hosted an amazing fundraiser. She gave us part of her income. She is the best person with a heart of gold! We are almost to our first goal of 3,500. Once we complete the application and pay the consultation fee we will begin the next step of this journey!
BIG POSITIVE NEWS!!!! we found out our home study (PPA) is still valid!!! That will not only save time, but $1,500!!! What a relief! Home studies are not a walk in the park... :)

Again, thank you for your support! If you have any fundraising ideas, let us know! As of right now we have an adoption shirt fundraiser going on and a Go fund me account set up.
Our adoption can cost anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000. BUT God brought us here and He has it covered.

Go fund me:

The Easler Family

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Msartypants fundraiser!

Wow, we are BLOWN AWAY!!! Some doors have opened and we have a huge fundraiser going on right now! We are selling Msartypants gift certificates and the amazingly generous Anessa is giving us part of the proceeds! Our goal is 400 certificates, we have sold over 200!!! So halfway there!!! If you would like to buy a certificate or a few please contact me through Facebook or email. The gift certificate is $20 and it is good for one adult paint or two child paints. It also doesn't expire for a year.  Need a girls night, church youth group want to schedule a paint, women's group, work friends??? please join us in bringing baby E number 2 home!!!
With the funds we raise we will be paying our initial fee to sign our contract with the adoption consultants!!!! 
Thank you!!!! 

Monday, March 2, 2015


We just love how God works, not on our timeline, for sure! 

After 3 years of infertility God called us to adopt. We barely started the process and were given a wonderful oppertunity to become foster parents to our little man! We knew no matter what we wanted to be part of his life, and becoming his parents was the greatest gift! We are blessed to call him our son. Five years ago we had a plan of having children within the first 2 years of trying and wait a couple years and have another. Infertility is not fun at all, but without it we wouldn't have our amazing son! I couldn't be happier to say God has another baby for us... 

 We have always wanted 2 or more children and with G being 3 1/2 we knew we needed to be praying about what next. About a month ago Scott and I both felt it, that it was time. We both were shocked to be quite honest. Our plan was to wait until G turned four and then start the process of adopting an infant. But now is the time! 

We are in contact with faithful adoption consultants. We want to sign a contract this month and begin the process.  I will let you know more about them at a later date!  

As this crazy process begins please add us to your prayers! We have several requests. 
~Our family to prepare ourselves for another family member
~Our birth mother (whoever she is) to have peace and comfort
~Our fundraising efforts to be successful

Tomorrow I will post more about our fundraising!!! We have some exciting news to share!!! 

Easler Family