Monday, March 2, 2015


We just love how God works, not on our timeline, for sure! 

After 3 years of infertility God called us to adopt. We barely started the process and were given a wonderful oppertunity to become foster parents to our little man! We knew no matter what we wanted to be part of his life, and becoming his parents was the greatest gift! We are blessed to call him our son. Five years ago we had a plan of having children within the first 2 years of trying and wait a couple years and have another. Infertility is not fun at all, but without it we wouldn't have our amazing son! I couldn't be happier to say God has another baby for us... 

 We have always wanted 2 or more children and with G being 3 1/2 we knew we needed to be praying about what next. About a month ago Scott and I both felt it, that it was time. We both were shocked to be quite honest. Our plan was to wait until G turned four and then start the process of adopting an infant. But now is the time! 

We are in contact with faithful adoption consultants. We want to sign a contract this month and begin the process.  I will let you know more about them at a later date!  

As this crazy process begins please add us to your prayers! We have several requests. 
~Our family to prepare ourselves for another family member
~Our birth mother (whoever she is) to have peace and comfort
~Our fundraising efforts to be successful

Tomorrow I will post more about our fundraising!!! We have some exciting news to share!!! 

Easler Family

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