Sunday, March 29, 2015

our story

Things in life are not cut and dry. We can't plan it all out. It is not all pretty to look at. We don't have all the answers. It is not a flower garden full of butterflies. It is messy, scary, confusing, difficult... But with God it is better, because he is strong when we are weak. We are not here to get attention, but to bring awareness. After a couple of months I have noticed a wide variety of beautiful support and also satan using people to bring us down. Well, after prayer and reflection I have come to the conclusion to not take things personal, because people will disappoint us, God never said it would be easy. This will be one of the hardest things we do... We are putting our pride aside, being transparent, asking for help, sharing our messy, beautiful story with people in our life. We have asked God to be in control, we don't want it... With this comes us being humble and open to His direction alone.
Asking for donations is not easy for us. We wish we had this amount of money saved up, we wish we could write a check with no worries, but we can't. So, if we are asking for help it is because we need it. We are asking you for a reason... If you can't help financially we get it. Prayers are more beneficial! If you can think of a way to help let us know! One way we are sacrificing is tv, we cut off our satellite, we have cut down our spending, we are paying things off.
We do need help... Financially and through prayers.
We have a go find me account where you can donate any amount
We have several ladies with pampered chef, jam berry, 31 going to have parties and give the proceeds to baby e #2. Shop for gifts or yourself!
We are going to have an auction on Instagram or Facebook late spring. Donate items or find something to donate.
Pray about what you can do... And do what God calls you to do.

Paperwork... We have to answer very difficult questions. From drug/alcohol usage, gender, race, etc we want to say no preference on gender or race.
For the financial piece to come together
Our son to be prepared as much as possible
Scott and I have never had a newborn, parenting an infant
Our baby to be safe growing in the belly of his/her birth mom. The birth mom to have peace, to be healthy, loved.
For our house to sell! This will help tremendously for a ton of reasons. We have found the house we want... Just praying ours sells quickly!

Thank you for your encouraging words, your prayers, your hugs, your love, your kindness, your support, but above all you wanting to be apart of bringing baby e#2 home.

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